UNI EN 1090 - CE structural carpentry

Welding Coordinator Verardo

Welding Coordinator Visentin

CE 1090

The UNI EN 1090 certification is mandatory from July 2014 to all manufacturers of steel structural components. This certificate is recognized in European context and it proves the ability of a company to produce material carpentry that answers all the quality characteristics required by the standard.

The harmonized standard EN 1090-1:2009/EC 1-2011 "Execution of steel structures and aluminum, requirements for conformity assessment of structural components" describes the requirements and procedures for the affixing of the CE marking.



UNI EN 13241 - CE Marketing gates

CE Cancelli

From 1 May 2005 It is required to grant the CE marking to doors and gates  for commercial, industrial or residential use, pedestrian or carriageable . When placed on the market, these products must be accompanied by a declaration of conformity with Directive 89/106 / EEC CPD and they must be labeled with the CE marking and some essential information.






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